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Automated Training Academy

An immersive 3-dimensional VR learning experience with Circle4X.

Who we are

Our automated training academy is an immersive 3-dimensional VR learning experience that delivers training programmes at a global scale. Easy to programme and quick to set up.

It solves the problem of how to train thousands of people around the world fast and effectively.


Reduce your costs
Save time
No CO₂
Engage and motivate your teams
Limitless digital office space

XR Workshops

XR Status Check

Carrying out an XR status check. You want to know...

  • What is the Metaverse?
  • How does it affect me and my company?
  • Where does the technology currently stand and what is happening?
  • Where is XR (Extended Reality) already being used?
  • What are possible fields of application?

2 hours


Via video conference


You decide how many people and who can participate


After the discussion you have a better understanding of what Metaverse, VR, AR and XR are, have a first feeling whether it is worth investing in it and know what the next steps would be.

XR Starter Workshop

XR starter workshop. What is involved...

  • Outline of your potential XR transformation strategy.
  • Providing a possible XR ecosystem for your company and potential use cases.
  • Deciding which technology / platform best suits your needs.
  • Showing you where the essential interfaces between your real, digital and virtual touch points are.
  • Explaining what you need to pay attention to in order to ensure a consistent coherent brand experience.

Approx. 4 hours (in mixed reality - partly video conference, partly VR)


Video conference & virtual reality


Up to 10 participants (based in Europe)


We provide you with the necessary hardware and access to a platform.


After the workshop you will have an initial overview of the possible fields in which XR / VR could be considered; a rough description of first use cases; a first estimation of what is needed technically; and what the next steps should be.