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BMW Area Manager Training with XR Technology

BMW Area Manager Training with XR Technology.


What was the requirement?

BMW trained 12 Area Managers across Europe (Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, UK, Sweden) on client consultation skills. In-person and video conferencing options were costly and lacked engagement. XR (VR and Microsoft Teams) was explored for immersive training.


Translating to XR

Collaborated with experts to adapt physical training to interactive XR scenarios.

Designing XR experience

Created virtual dealership settings for skill practice.

Delivered VR headsets

Provided XR headsets to participants in their cities.

Moderated sessions

Experienced XR moderators guided Area Managers with personalized coaching.

Ongoing support

Continuous assistance and technical help were provided during the 5-week program.


Onboarding sessions reinforced skills and real-world application.

How we helped

Reduced expenses and training duration.
Higher retention and engaged learning with interactive XR simulations.
Improved consultation skills in lifelike scenarios.
Simultaneous training for participants across Europe.
Area Managers showed improved client consultation abilities.


What did adoption of VR training achieve?

BMW's adoption of XR technology transformed Area Manager training, offering immersive and cost-effective learning. Improved skills empowered managers as effective consultants in European dealerships.


I can only say a huge thank you!!! The VR session was TOP, and I am really grateful for the support you have provided in the extremely detailed emails sent to the participants.



Thank you for the great support you provided during the event. It was really incredible how fast you were able to solve the problems some of the team faced. Just a big THANK YOU for the great cooperation!



Thanks again for the exciting event and the great organization. Especially thank you for the constant support provided to the participants.



Thanks for a wonderful experience. I believe VR can really bring added value to training / workshops / conferences, and I enjoyed it very much.



Using VR increased my concentration, avoiding the classic lapse of attention. I believe VR also encourages participation and attention.



Amazing experience! Thanks so much for this very special training. It has definitely been the highlight of my training experiences to date.



I wanted to thank you for your help during the course. Without a shadow of a doubt it was the most interesting course I have ever attended.



Thanks again for the great experience you gave us in the virtual world, and the excellent support."

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