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ENI's Immersive VR Showcase of Global Laboratories

ENI's Immersive VR Showcase of Global Laboratories.


What was the requirement?

ENI aimed to showcase existing laboratories to employees worldwide remotely. Utilizing video conferencing and interactive VR, the presentation targeted over 100 visitors across 12 months.

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VR concept design

Developed an immersive VR experience for remote laboratory exploration.

VR laboratory tour

Created virtual twins of selected rooms, providing interactive and engaging tours.

Physical space at HQ

Designed a space for informative sessions at ENI headquarters, enhancing the VR experience.

On-site support

Provided implementation assistance in San Donato Milanese.

VR headsets provision

Supplied VR headsets for the 12-month project.

Moderator and participant support

Offered comprehensive assistance during VR experiences.

Technical support

Ensured glitch-free sessions through ongoing technical help.

How we helped

Global Accessibility: Laboratories explored remotely, fostering global collaboration.
Interactive Experience: Engaging VR tours facilitated comprehensive understanding.
Efficient Knowledge Sharing: Valuable insights gained without physical presence.


What did adoption of VR training achieve?

ENI's immersive VR showcase transcended geographical barriers, empowering employees worldwide with remote laboratory exploration. The interactive VR experience exemplified ENI's commitment to innovation and knowledge dissemination, effectively uniting teams and enhancing global cooperation.


Training using VR made it possible to focus without the usual external distractions. I found it to be all-encompassing, stimulating and engaging.



I can’t thank my colleague enough for organising this course. It is the most innovative experience I have had in a long time.




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