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ENI's Innovative Magnetic Fusion Showcase

ENI's Innovative Magnetic Fusion Showcase.


What was the requirement?

ENI aimed to showcase Magnetic Fusion to the press, experts, and the public in a novel and immersive way. The event, hosting 30 participants in Rome on February 23rd, 2023, aimed to utilize videos, VR, and classical communication.

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Visitor's journey design

A seamless agenda incorporated videos and classical communication for impactful presentations.

Immersive VR experience

A new VR platform allowed interactive exploration of Magnetic Fusion, presenting complex concepts effectively.

Virtual spaces creation

Innovative VR environments facilitated engaging and tangible understanding of Magnetic Fusion.

Implementation and support

On-site assistance ensured a seamless event in Rome, optimizing the space for the showcase.

Moderator and participant support

Skilled moderators guided attendees through the VR experience, addressing queries.

Technical support and project management

Comprehensive technical assistance and seamless project management ensured success.

How we helped

Captivating Presentation: The immersive VR experience left a lasting impression on attendees.
Tangible Understanding: Interactive exploration enhanced comprehension of Magnetic Fusion.
Engaging Experience: Positive feedback highlighted the innovative approach's success.


What did adoption of VR training achieve?

ENI's Magnetic Fusion showcase effectively communicated the complex topic in an engaging and memorable way. The immersive VR experience solidified ENI's position as an innovation leader. Our team's comprehensive approach ensured a successful event, leaving participants enlightened and impressed by the possibilities of Magnetic Fusion.


I can’t thank my colleague enough for organising this course. It is the most innovative experience I have had in a long time.



Training using VR made it possible to focus without the usual external distractions. I found it to be all-encompassing, stimulating and engaging.




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