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Innovative LNG Delivery Experience for ENI

Innovative LNG Delivery Experience for ENI.


What was the requirement?

ENI sought to communicate the intricate process of shipping and delivering liquid natural gas (LNG) to connecting bases, aiming to provide an immersive and engaging experience to the President of the Republic of Congo and top ENI managers in Congo.

What was the intention?

This interactive demonstration was also intended to be shared with approximately 200 guests in the venue.

What was the objective?

The objective was to bridge geographical gaps and showcase the complexity of LNG transport, involving a small group of 5 VIPs in a VR experience while engaging 200 audience members.

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3D experience for VIPs

A fully immersive 3D experience was designed for the President of the Republic of Congo, top ENI managers, and a select group of VIPs. This experience allowed them to virtually explore the entire LNG transport process, from source to delivery.

3D video presentation

For the larger audience of 200 guests, a 3D video was created to present the LNG journey. This video was showcased on a large screen, providing a visual and educational spectacle.

Interactive VR for VIPs

VIPs were equipped with VR headsets to explore the intricate details of LNG transport. They could interact with the 3D model, gaining a deep understanding of the process.

Educational 3D video

The 3D video explained LNG transport in a visually engaging manner. It illustrated the journey, including shipping, storage, and delivery, making it informative and entertaining for the audience.

How we helped

Enhanced Learning: The immersive 3D experience for VIPs and the educational 3D video for the larger audience effectively communicated the complexities of LNG transport.
Engaged Audience: Attendees were captivated by the 3D visuals, improving knowledge retention and overall understanding.
Bridging Geographical Gaps: The innovative approach allowed the audience to connect with the LNG transport process despite being physically distant from it.


What did adoption of VR training achieve?

The interactive 3D experience for VIPs, combined with the educational 3D video for the larger audience, successfully conveyed the intricacies of LNG shipping and delivery. This innovative approach not only engaged attendees but also bridged geographical gaps, allowing a global audience to appreciate the complexities of LNG transport. The initiative showcased ENI's commitment to innovative communication and education.


I can’t thank my colleague enough for organising this course. It is the most innovative experience I have had in a long time.



Training using VR made it possible to focus without the usual external distractions. I found it to be all-encompassing, stimulating and engaging.




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