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Mercedes-Benz International Training Community's VR Workshop

Mercedes-Benz International Training Community's VR Workshop.


What was the requirement?

Mercedes-Benz convened an important meeting and workshop for its International Training community to explore the usability of Virtual Reality (VR) in Global Trainings. The meeting was held either in person at the MB Headquarter in Stuttgart, Germany, or through video conferencing, accommodating 28 participants from various countries (Germany, USA, China, South Korea, Netherlands, UK) for a 4-week duration.

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Visitor's journey design

Our team designed and executed a successful VR workshop for Mercedes-Benz International Training Community.

Concept design for the conference

Meticulously tailored the workshop concept to address diverse training needs.

Immersive VR experience

Crafted engaging VR demonstrations to showcase the potential of VR in global trainings.

Conference spaces preparation

Ensured seamless in-person meeting at MB Headquarter and optimized virtual space.

VR headsets delivery

Delivered VR headsets to participants worldwide for easy access.

Co-moderation of sessions

Actively co-moderated VR sessions for smooth workshop discussions.

Technical support

Provided comprehensive technical assistance for a glitch-free VR experience.

How we helped

Efficient Collaboration: VR workshop enabled fruitful discussions among participants from different countries.
Enhanced Engagement: Immersive VR experience fostered active participation and increased interest.
Global Accessibility: VR technology facilitated seamless involvement of participants across diverse locations.


What did adoption of VR training achieve?

The Mercedes-Benz International Training Community's VR workshop successfully explored the potential of VR in global training. The immersive experience, whether in person or virtual, strengthened collaboration and engagement among participants from various countries. Our team's holistic approach, comprehensive enablement, and technical support ensured a productive and enlightening workshop, presenting a promising future for Mercedes-Benz's global training initiatives.


Many thanks for the organization of this event, including all the background work and the pictures. We are very pleased with how it all went! The feedback during and after the session was excellent.

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