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Mercedes-Benz USA Dealers' EQ Range Training

Mercedes-Benz USA Dealers' EQ Range Training.


What was the requirement?

Mercedes-Benz USA aimed to train all dealers on the new EQ range of electric vehicles. In-person training was combined with an immersive VR showroom experience for approximately 50 dealers per week over 3 years.

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Visitor's journey design

A structured curriculum introduced the EQ range with hands-on learning and interactive sessions.

Immersive VR showroom

Developed lifelike virtual spaces showcasing various EQ models and features.

VR headsets supply

Provided high-quality VR headsets for dealers, managing collection after each session.

Moderation & support

Skilled moderators facilitated VR sessions with continuous support.

Technical assistance & management

Ensured glitch-free VR experience and efficient project execution.

How we helped

In-person and VR experiences equipped dealers with in-depth knowledge.
Dealers were captivated, enhancing product understanding and engagement.
Training 50 dealers per week streamlined knowledge dissemination.
Technical assistance minimized disruptions during VR sessions.


What did adoption of VR training achieve?

Mercedes-Benz USA dealers were empowered with extensive EQ range knowledge. The immersive VR training facilitated efficient learning and showcased the brand's commitment to sustainable mobility.


Many thanks for the organization of this event, including all the background work and the pictures. We are very pleased with how it all went! The feedback during and after the session was excellent.

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