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VR Training Transforms Global Learning at ENI

VR Training Transforms Global Learning at ENI.


What was the requirement?

ENI, a multinational company with 55 participants from 14 countries, sought an innovative training solution. Traditional methods were costly, time-consuming, and lacked engagement. VR emerged as the ideal alternative.

Innovative VR training solution for ENI.
Customised VR approach to training delivered by Circle4X.

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Needs analysis

We assessed ENI's requirements and customized a VR approach.

Translating to VR

Expert collaboration ensured engaging VR experiences.

Immersive VR spaces

Virtual rooms aligned with training modules, fostering deep learning.

Delivered VR headsets

Global participants received VR headsets for seamless access.

Expert moderation & training

Our team facilitated sessions and trained ENI's trainers for future VR sessions.

How we helped

Eliminated travel expenses and saved valuable time.
Boosted engagement and content retention.
Participants from 14 countries learned together, fostering collaboration.
Large workforce accommodated, with flexible scheduling.
Improved performance and understanding.


What did adoption of VR training achieve?

ENI's adoption of VR training revolutionized their global approach. A cost-effective, engaging, and efficient solution empowered a skilled and motivated workforce, primed to tackle future challenges with confidence.


Training using VR made it possible to focus without the usual external distractions. I found it to be all-encompassing, stimulating and engaging.



I can’t thank my colleague enough for organising this course. It is the most innovative experience I have had in a long time.




Reduce your costs
Save time
No CO₂
Engage and motivate your teams
Limitless digital office space

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