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8th May 2024

Circle4x at Learntec 2024: Experience the future of learning and onboarding with VR/XR/MR

Every year, Learntec brings together experts and innovators from around the world to showcase the latest trends and technologies in digital learning and education. With over 15,000 visitors and more than 300 exhibitors, Learntec is the ideal platform to find out about the latest developments and make valuable contacts.

We at Circle4XR are proud to be part of this inspiring event. As a consultancy specialising in VR (Virtual Reality), XR (Extended Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality), we are looking forward to presenting our tailor-made solutions for companies. Our goal is to create innovative learning environments and onboarding solutions that are not only efficient, but also sustainable and future-orientated. For us ‘New Work’ and ‘New Learning’ are not just titles and slogans. We develop and push for transformation toward working and learning environments that fit todays individual needs of trainers and trainees. We take care of the 360° human experience in work and learning.

As Consultants and Developers we do not only talk VR/XR/MR. We also know how to develop and build personalised VR/XR/MR environments that fit the purpose of our clients needs. And knowing the needs of our clients to first get familiarise to the topic before pushing for an implementation we support pilot cases and POC’s by taking care of the needed hardware and licensing issues. We enable your staff and support them to understand and handle all needed actions.

What we offer:

Consulting: We support companies in implementing VR/XR/MR technologies and jointly develop strategies to realise the full potential of these technologies. We prepare companies to understand the technology and what possible use cases could be for their environment.

Customised solutions: Whether tailor-made learning environments or individual onboarding programes - we offer solutions that are precisely tailored to our customers' needs. Our solutions are made to fulfill a purpose not just to have done something in VR/XR/MR.

Innovative learning environments: We have already created numerous interactive and immersive learning environments that not only make learning more effective, but also more exciting.

Onboarding solutions: Our VR-supported onboarding programes are supported by artificial intelligence (AI) to make the induction of new employees even more efficient. By using AI, we can create personalised learning paths that are geared towards the individual needs and progress of users. This increases productivity and significantly shortens the familiarisation period.

What we have done:

We have designed and created various solutions for our clients. From the easy and quickly implemented training and meeting solutions on existing platforms to highly complex creations of virtual twins of laboratories for onboarding and communication purposes. From solutions in VR for Retail to the development of MR and XR solutions for fairs and training of specialised skills. Solutions that can be experienced at our stand on the Learntec 2024. Should you not have had the opportunity to meet us there, you can follow the link and watch the video on our Youtube channel:

And if you are interested in a workshop helping you to understand if these technologies, we offer workshops to help you out:

Should you be interested to know more, to learn about the topic of VR/XR/MR and get prepared for the new technology or if you want to experience what we have been showing on the event, just get in touch with us. We will be happy to arrange and unforgettable session: